6. Preservation Readiness: Packaging Digital Newspapers for Preservation

The previous sections of these Guidelines have been geared towards preparing digital news collections and content for packaging. Whether an institution is seeking to store digital news content locally or to exchange their digital newspapers with an external preservation service provider, properly packaging this content provides curators with the necessary information, controls, and linkages to manage digital newspapers over time, including through changes in storage media, while still maintaining the integrity of both the objects and collections.

In formal OAIS terms, “packaging” is the process of establishing a Submission Information Package for deposit in a preservation repository.

Packaging can be accomplished in multiple ways, including:

  1. Using simple (text-based) documentation strategies;
  2. By deploying globally unique identifiers (GUIDs) coupled with Name Assigning Authorities and other local metadata and management tools; and/or
  3. Via lossless packaging formats like TAR, WARC, or self-describing preservation specifications such as BagIt (among other approaches).

Using lossless packaging formats helps to hold content together as it is moved to archival storage, requested for routine audit purposes, and/or being sent to and from preservation partners over time. Each of these elements will be covered in detail below.