3. Preservation Readiness: Metadata Packaging for Digital Newspapers

Preservation readiness for metadata refers to the process of ensuring that metadata is properly preserved along with the item/collection it describes. Particularly in the case of digital newspapers—which are often compound objects with complex relationships—maintaining robust connections between the metadata and the content is essential. If this information about the objects is lost, they may no longer be able to be reassembled and used in meaningful ways.

In this guidance document, content curators will find practical advice regarding:

  1. General strategies for packaging metadata for digital newspapers
  2. Responsible approaches for exporting metadata from any existing repository systems where it may be held
  3. Strategies for navigating the features of such repository systems
  4. Tips for managing the outputs from all such activities

Please note: this section does not provide advice on collection-level descriptive metadata creation. Institutions needing advice on that topic should refer to the host organizations for the various standards and schemas that may apply. This section does address the importance of creating administrative, technical, and structural metadata for long-term preservation purposes.